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The how meets the why

To help stop the spread of Covid-19, South Africa is in lockdown. Social distancing is likely to continue for quite some time. Globally, infections continue to grow and many are succumbing to the virus. South Africa is not immune. To spread positive lockdown messaging and help our people get through this difficult period, we need to come together virtually.

TicketPro, a subsidiary of Blue Label Telecoms, has launched Covid-Zero, a platform for entertainers to stream their acts online. All tickets sales will be donated to support these artists during the lockdown and fund the Trust Blu Foundation’s Covid-Zero campaign. The campaign is manufacturing and distributing Care Packages for communities including masks, hand sanitiser, food vouchers and information on staying safe. These Covid Care Packages are being put together by mobilising previously disadvantaged, unemployed youth through the Trust Blu Foundation, Blu Label Telecoms’s CSI organisation. The first 5000 care packages have already been pledged by the Foundation.