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How to activate your ticket

Steps to access your ticket & dashboard

  1. Select the event you want to purchase tickets for
  2. Select the ticket type and amount of tickets you want
  3. Select your donation or continue
  4. Register your account
  5. Check email for verification code (Check spam folder)
  6. Click on button/or enter code to verify account
  7. Select payment method
  8. Once payment has been processed and approved
  9. You will receive an email and automatically be taken to dashboard
  10. Should you not be taken to dashboard then you need to activate the tickets from your email
  11. In the dashboard, if you have purchased more than one ticket. You will need to assign and forward the tickets to your friends, enter your friends name, surname and email address and select forward.
  12. They will then receive an activation email
  13. Select dashboard and this is where you will see the live stream on event day
  14. Enjoy!