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Restore the foundation of family

28 November 08:30 - 12:00


Simon Phillips – Simon Says Communications
Tarryn Pather – Mrs SA Semi Finalist 2020
Samantha Le Roux – Cornerstone Woman
Thami Nkadimeng – Message Architect
Dr Mary Shuttleworth – Youth for Human Rights International
Craig Wilkinson – Father A Nation
Cathy Grant – Tuition light Learning


Eve was not only created as a helper to Adam, but as an equal. It is not a belittling term for it is often used in the Bible to describe God Himself (Psalm 33:20;70:5). Eve had the same nature as Adam and was created to complement him. Each of them made up for that which the other lacked.

You can now help us achieve these, life changing, ambitious goals and assist so many powerful yet temporarily deflated woman by empowering them through this event. Uplift those who lift up so many others, those who rely on them for knowledge, direction, support, and love. These are the very woman who give life to the world.

Woman was not made from man’s head for him to lord over her, neither was she made from the feet of man so that he could trample over her. She was made from his side so they could share their life experiences together. The couple was one unit.

• Restore the foundation of family by breathing life back into it.

• Restore the power of mothers by them acknowledging their role and responsibility in, and to, their family.

• Faith – family – future.

• Redefining a sense of worth in self and power to shape your and your children’s future.

You are ALWAYS only ONE decision away from a completely different life…help us empower these women to make that decision TODAY! They need to know that they are NOT alone and that we are here to support them, love them and encourage them to break free from the shackles that bind them, together we can achieve this and change their lives for the better.