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2 September 2020 7PM

Prepare yourself for a light-hearted, fun and diverse comedy show, that you can watch at any time, from the comfort of your home. Award winning Namibian comedian, Ndangi Iileka, brings you ‘TheUnkwatwable Show’. Shot in 2015, the show was Iileka’s first solo show. A diverse show where he gives a hilarious spin to awkward situations in romance and dating, current affairs and the dynamics of growing up in an African home and the relationship between African parents and their children and the not-so-extended, extended family.

If you need a night off with lots of loud laughter, this show is perfect for you. In a light-hearted but thought-provoking manner, Iileka draws your attention to the humor in usually uncomfortable or difficult every day scenarios that makes you realize that nothing is ever really that serious. The Unkwatwable show is perfect for adate night, a relaxed evening at home with friends or family or the perfect show to watch when you’re social distancing alone. The show is multilingual, with Iileka switching between English, Oshingandjera, Afrikaans and a little bit of German but it is fully understandable and relatable for anyone who speaks English.